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Two-thirds of all physician office visits are for ear, nose, throat or allergic problems!


We are pleased to announce the allergy line is back up and running. You can now call 972-ALLERGY Monday – Friday to get the daily pollen count. We try and do our best to update this by 9:00am CST

You can also get the daily Pollen Count here

972-A.L.L.E.R.G.Y (972-255-3749)

Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass has made a quick and easy way to check the pollen count in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas Metroplex. Dr. Adelglass has been providing the pollen count in the metroplex for over 20 years! Several News weather channels such as Channel 8, Channel 4, Channel 11 as well as the major local newspapers have been relying on our pollen counts to bring the news to the public. Now you can get the very same information when the media does. Simply pick up the phone and call 972-ALLERGY.